🎃 Unleash the Magic: 350+ Amigurumi Patterns HERE 👈

🎃 Unleash the Magic: 350+ Amigurumi Patterns HERE 👈

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery & Downloading

Instant download: Similar to the free SVG files, you can make the PDF patterns available for instant download after a user completes a form or provides their email address. This is a convenient and easy option for users, as they can receive the pattern immediately after completing the download process.

Email delivery: You can also deliver the PDF pattern to the user via email after they complete the download process. This option requires more work on your end, as you will need to manually send the pattern to each user, but it can be a good option if you want to provide a more personal touch or if you want to ensure that the user has received the pattern.

Online account: You can create an online account system where users can log in to access the PDF patterns they have purchased or downloaded. This option requires more setup on your end, but it can provide a convenient way for users to access their patterns from any device.